MATRIXCHART Systems OPS is a Professional Technical Analysis software program designed for investors and traders of financial markets. We apply Vector Surge Analysis application to determine the timing entry and timing exit profits in the trend. We are focusing on perfect ways that we can give our clients all the benefits that a modern computer has available and package it in an interface that has that perfect balance between power and flexibility.

The system applied a mathematical formula to the historical data of a stock and you would have a good statistical basis for trading the next time you saw the formula turning up. You are using the analysis to help you identify the trading opportunities of 70-80 percent of winning rate per trade, it’s proven for the last 15 years of market data.

Each tool has been developed with a different strategy in mind. Some work better on particular markets than others. Some are very esoteric in how they work. Nevertheless, MatrixChart Systems OPS has 7 strategies available to allow each investor and each trader to find a strategy that suits them best.

MATRIXCHART Systems OPS packs with some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A few of what we think are the best features are listed below.
SmartOPS Indicator Strategy
T Momentum
Spot the changes in continuous trending strength, direction of the current trend, the duration of a trend and the velocity momentum or its price action over a period of time.

Signal Strength
Guide the rate of strength of the trigger signal in the trend.

R Chart
Measure the risk threshold level from rate of momentum on the price movement in the trend.
V Momentum
Capture the rate of supply and demand sentiment in the trend.

SmartOPS Cloud
Determine the direction of a price action's momentum and velocity of the price action.

Market Sentiment
Capture and follow the behaviour of supply and demand sentiment in the global market.